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Dayforce Release Notes version 2023.1.0

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About This Document

Important: Ceridian provides the information contained in these release notes to customers for general information purposes only. This information should not be construed as legal, tax or other advice specific to any individual or organization. Please consult your appropriate adviser for such specific advice.

This document outlines the new features and resolved issues included in Release 2023.1.0 of Dayforce.

Note: The content of some of the new or updated features in this release might not yet be localized for French or for the other languages supported in Dayforce. Translation efforts for this content are ongoing. Also, because Dayforce is highly customizable, some of the features and options discussed in this document might not be visible when you access the application. If this occurs, please contact your organization's Dayforce administrator for more information.

Logging a Dayforce Support Case

When you log an issue with Dayforce Support, be sure to select Dayforce Application Support and the correct feature area and category to ensure that the case is routed to the correct support team.

To log an issue with Dayforce Support:

  1. In the Customer Community, select Support.
  2. Select Cases and then click Create Support Case.
  3. Select Dayforce Application Support.
  4. Enter a Case Subject and Case Description.
  5. For Area and Category, select the feature you're working with.
  6. Enter other details as needed, and then click Submit Case.

Static Library Updates

This release contains updates to content in the Dayforce static library.

What is static content?

The static library contains content that doesn’t change from one user to another, for example stylesheets, fonts, icons, images, and other resources. This is in contrast to dynamic web content, which can deliver different information depending on the user and the purpose of the active session.